ABOUT US Mobility aids shop

We understand that everyone has different needs and requirements when choosing the right mobility aids and products to suit your personal problems. We endeavour to assist you in finding what you need at the best price we can. 


At Letchworth Mobility, we have tried to cover many daily item requirements from Grabbers and Walking sticks to Wheelchairs, scooters and Stairlifts. We even have a range of Riser recliner chairs endorsed by Dr Hilary Jones in our shop for customers to use and try. 

As a responsible retailer we have a duty of care

when selling mobility scooters and powerchairs.

Firstly to ensure all scooters and powerchairs we supply are to people capable of operating them safely.


We will not sell a scooter or powerchair just for the sale.


We will give you training and advice on the use of your scooter or powerchair and whilst we are doing the training we will do an assessment to make sure that you are capable of operating the scooter or powerchair safely.


If for any reason we feel you are not safe to operate the scooter or powerchair we will let you know.


We recommend that your ability to safely use a mobility vehicle should be reassessed on a regular basis.


Scooter and powerchair insurance

As part of our duty of care all our scooters and powerchairs come with 3 months free insurance.


Whilst you do not have to take out insurance we would strongly advise you have insurance.


With this in mind we would draw your attention to (as a driver of a mobility vehicle) you are personally liable for any injury that you may accidentally cause to other people or property.